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hypertensionHypertension or high blood pressure is only detected when it is measured, usually with a blood pressure cuff. The blood pressure is measured with a ‘top’ figure (systolic pressure) and a lower figure (diastolic pressure). In normal circumstances the blood pressure should be on average below 145/85. Hypertension is a leading contributory factor to heart attacks and strokes. Raised blood pressure may run in families and genetic factors are often important. Hypertension may also be associated with beingrenalartery overweight, physical inactivity and consuming excess salt or alcohol. Once detected, hypertension is usually well treated with medication but Renal Artery Denervation is a promising therapy for ‘resistant hypertension’.

For more information visit the British Heart Foundation

High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure



                                                    Selective Angiogram of Renal Artery

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